Why Choose Wood?

Wood windows and patio doors are popular among homeowners due to their elegant appearance, however, they tend to have a bad reputation when it comes to maintenance. But, what if you could have the beauty of wood without all the worries? That’s exactly what we provide at Pella. Our wood windows and patio doors are crafted with features that ensure they stand the test of time. For example, they are formulated with Pella® EnduraGuard® wood protection, which strongly resists the effects of moisture, decay, stains from mold and mildew, and even termite damage, and have aluminum-clad exteriors with a protective finish that prevents fading. So, your wood windows and patio doors will be as durable as they are beautiful.

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Why Choose Fiberglass?

If strength is a big factor for you when looking for windows and patio doors, there is simply no other material like fiberglass. At Pella, we can provide you with products crafted from our patented fiberglass composite, Duracast®, which is the strongest, most durable material available for windows and doors. This fiberglass is resistant to extreme weather fluctuations and harsh UV rays. Plus, Duracast is available in several finishes that replicate the look of painted wood, so you won’t have to sacrifice the appearance you want for the durability of fiberglass.

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Why Choose Vinyl?

With vinyl windows and patio doors from Pella, you can say goodbye to painting, staining, and refinishing. Our unique vinyl formula has been performance-tested for exceptional durability and color retention, so you can rest assured your Pella windows or doors will maintain their like-new appearance for years. Plus, vinyl is an excellent insulator, so you can look forward to greater energy efficiency for your home, year-round.

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